Care Authorization Form Sample

Authorization of care form

Care authorization is often required when the responsible, custodial party is away or unable to assume the responsibility of care for a dependent person. Please note that there can be broad differences between the legal requirements of each state. This care authorization form is provided as a general guideline as to what the minimum of information is required in these forms. Some areas will allow a simple form such as this one or a personally written care authorization letter.

A care authorization form is for parents or care givers that are out of town or away for any period, requiring the supervision of a minor child or perhaps a disabled family member to be performed by someone else. This form is usually accompanied by an information sheet that includes known medical conditions, the names and contact information for nearby family members, trusted friends, doctors and other critical information.

To quickly draft care authorization form that is guaranteed legal in your state.

Within a few minutes you’ll be able to complete and print a legal copy of this document after following their simple interview process where you’ll provide the information needed. 

Download Sample Care Authorization Form – Microsoft Word.

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