How To Write a “Get Well” Card/Note

When you know someone who is ill, having surgery, or has been in some type of accident, it always a thoughtful gesture to send a “Get Well” card or note to raise the person’s spirits.

Finding the right words to express your sympathy for their illness or injury is key when sending this type of message.

See our guidelines below for sending the perfect “Get Well” message.

  • Keep it basic. Avoid being specific about the nature of the accident or injuries unnecessarily.   Try not to be too descriptive about what occurred to cause the injury or how painful their illness may be.
  • Simply state that you are sorry for their accident, surgery or illness.
  • Send your hopes for a speedy recovery, rapid improvement, or better health.
  • Stay away from dramatic words, such as “tragic”, “devastating” or “affliction”.

Here are some suggestions for what to say:

1.       “All of us at the office are hoping you will be back on your feet in no time.”
2.       “Sending my best wishes to you for a speedy recovery”
3.       “The office is not the same without you”
4.       “I’m sorry you have had to endure this, but I am so relieved that you are on the mend.”
5.        “We are all hoping for your quick return to health.”
6.       “I’m very happy to hear you are receiving some relief from the pain.”