Travel Itinerary Template

The Travel Itinerary Template is a printable Microsoft Word document can be edited and used to help organize your travel plans.

This word processing file is designed to print and fill out information on your airline itinerary, vehicle rental and hotel/accommodations.

This printable template includes spaces to organize flight schedules, arrival times, departure times, connecting flights, airlines and terminals.

Travel Itinerary Template

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travel itinerary template word

Travel Itinerary Template

Tips for Using Itinerary for Planning Business Travel

When making your travel plans, get the basics down first such as cities and dates, then fill in with the travel and accommodations.

It helps to be flexible. Give yourself more time for travel in case you get delayed. Also, make sure you have plenty of time for rest. You’ll be more productive if you are sharp and alert.

When it comes to business meetings or events, try to prioritize your “to-do lists.” In one day you may want to meet many different companies at a conference. However, there are always businesses that are more important, so give yourself time to meet with them first.

If you think you may have too much time, you can make alternate plans. For example, you may have time for a lunch you didn’t expect. Have a list of names you can contact to schedule a quick lunch meeting to take advantage of that extra time.

Take the time to think through your travel plans and you’ll have a chance to get a lot more out of your next business trip!

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