Quitclaim Deed

Free Printable Quitclaim Deed

This printable quitclaim deed template form, also referred to as a quick claim deed or quit claim deed, is a document commonly used for transferring title, right, or claim from one person to another.  Use this document as an example or template for creating your own file.

You can utilize the sample quitclaim deed if you’re transferring ownership, gifting property  or making other changes to the information contained in the deed or the outright possession of a deed.

This is one common type of legal form used for handling transactions between two individuals or between individuals and a business.

Customize Quitclaim Deed for Your State

Printable Quitclaim Deed or Quick claim deed

Quitclaim Deed

How Do You Get a Custom Quitclaim Deed?

  1. The Quitclaim Deed can be found by following from the link below.
  2. Select your state as it is important that the document is legal and valid in your locations.
  3. Fill in your address and select whether the property is in an unincorporated area.
  4. Select who is granting the property, address, state and county.
  5. Fill in Grantee information, marital status and address.
  6. Add the date of transfer to take effect.
  7. Add tax status and assessor’s parcel number.
  8. Add legal description of property and if money is being exchanged.
  9. Enter name and address of person receiving tax statements.
  10. Document if grantor is to reserve any interest, rights or life estate in property.
  11. Fill in Address of the original deed to be returned to.

Download Free Quitclaim Deed – PDF

quitclaim deed