Pre-Interview Survey Questionnaire – Premium

Pre interview questionnaire

Use of pre-interview surveys is on the rise, but has been a standard procedure for innovative companies for years. This brief survey functions to kick start the interview process, covering some of the basic questions often deemed to be time wasters in the interview room, while posing other questions designed to open up the candidate prior to the interview. Best used as a handout material upon arrival of the candidate, about 15 minutes prior to the expected beginning of the interview. A majority of candidates will have no trouble completing this in ten minutes or less.

Valuable insight can be gained from the job candidate and may also function as an “ice breaker” to kick off an interview. This is also an excellent time filler on days when the interviewer is running a bit behind on interview appointments. This form is also referred to as a candidate survey form. The professional Pre-Interview form in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format includes a single, printable file with a ready-to-use design requiring no modification.

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Pre interview questionnaire

Premium Pre-Interview Survey Form