Payroll Register

payroll register weekly monthly excel

The Payroll Register is a simple Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that was designed to track weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments to employees.

The table was created to track just one individual and includes enough rows to track weekly paychecks for one year.

The top includes a space for employee name with enough room to put additional information such as employee ID or social security number.

The document includes columns for date, hourly wage, hours that is used to calculate gross pay. State tax, federal tax, social security and medicare are then calculated for total withholding.

An extra column is provided for insurance. The resulting calculation provides net pay. There is a row at the bottom that provides a total sum of amounts.

Download Payroll Register – Microsoft Excel

payroll register weekly monthly excel

Payroll Register – Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly

The worksheet is unprotected so you can add columns and rows if needed. You can also change the headings. Some people may not need an insurance deduction or may have other deductions to add or replace that column.

The side and bottom of the table are hidden for visual clarity. Rows and columns can be unhidden in Excel by going to the home tab and selecting format > visibility > Hide & Unhide.