Investment Trading Journal

Trading Journal

This free spreadsheet is provided to assist with tracking market purchases and sales transactions of stock market securities or related investments. Often referred to as a day trading journal, this is useful for active day traders and for individuals that manage their own investments online. The frequency of your trades will not change the use or function of this form.

This investment tracking spreadsheet is available for free download but is intended for personal use only. We welcome your comments and/or suggestions to improve the usability of this or any other document offered on This is a basic form that is intended to be simple to use. Thanks for visiting.

Document Template Information
Download Investment Trading Journal Here
Requires ®Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software
License: For Personal Use, Not for Distribution

How To Use This Form

Click the link above to download and view the Investment and Trading Journal. The fields of the form are as follows:
Symbol – Enter the stock symbol for the security traded
Buy Date – Business day in which the trade was executed
QTY Bought – Quantity of shares purchased
Buy Price – Price paid per share of securities purchased
Sell Date – Business day in which the sale trade was executed
QTY Sold – Quantity of shares sold
Sell Price – Price collected per share sold
Fees – Enter your TOTAL trading fees, if for instance $9.95 per transaction both transactions cost $19.90. Enter 0.00 if no fees incurred.

Some of the columns that auto-calculate might display an error message if no fee amount is entered. None of the Gain/Loss columns will calculate without entering your data from selling the security.

If you often buy larger sums of shares and sell incrementally it is recommended that you split the buy order into two rows. For example buying 400 shares at a price and then selling one lot of 200 at another price and the other 200 at yet another price. You’ll more effectively track your rate of gain or loss in separate rows. Each row will reflect the same purchase price and date, and the separate sell prices executed on the sell date.

Provided with this spreadsheet are the rights and capabilities to print and save the document as you wish. This form is intended for personal use only. There is no business license offered for this form.