Fired Explanation Letter Template

Fired Explanation Letter Template

If you have previously been fired from a position and are currently applying for a new one, it may be difficult to explain why you are still a valuable candidate and should still be considered.

We have provided a letter template that helps you easily detail the reasons behind your firing and allows you to emphasize your valuable qualities and prior successful job history.

This letter is typically sent after an interview, or can even be used as a script if asked in an interview about the incident.

This letter is available for download in Microsoft Word format or in plain text beneath the image.

Download Fired Explanation Letter Template

Fired Explanation Letter Template

Fired Explanation Letter Template

Letter to explain why I was fired

This is one method of explaining why you were fired to a company you’re applying for a position with. Some organizations require an explanation in the form of a letter, but nearly all potential employers will want to know why you were released from a job position.

The “why I was fired” letter can be used as a template for your letter or as a guideline for a script you can use in a conversation with your interviewer. Explaining the effect of external factors such as stress from home or opposing employees, ill family members and other distractions can help to neutralize the negativity perceived by a potential employer. These items should be brought forward if available. In discussions with an interviewer, be prepared to explain how these external factors have changed in ways that shed a positive light on your future capabilities.

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the position of “…Title…” with “…Company… or specific name of entity”.

This letter is in response to the request that information be provided about the departure from my previous employer “ of previous employer…”.

A short time prior to my termination from the above, “… explain what events or challenges were taking place leading up to your dismissal. Be sure to include as many external influences effecting your value as an employee as possible…”. From that time forward, tension in my relationship between my supervisor and myself increased. I was formally released on the grounds of “… state the reason if you were given …”.

As you will note from my application and from my references, my professional track record illustrates a sound employment history. The isolated incident with my prior employer was beyond my control. This event does not reflect the circumstances or opinion of any other prior employer, which you are welcome to verify.

I appreciate the opportunity to explain this event. Again, I’m grateful for the interview and prospect of working for “…Company… or specific name of entity”.


Your Name