Credit Dispute Letter Template

The Credit Dispute Letter is used if you need to send a letter to a creditor to dispute information on your credit report which has been delivered to one of the of the credit bureau agencies.

It is intended to be personally modified to include your information and to be forwarded to your creditor that appears to be reporting items in error. As with any credit dispute, you must include any proof of your claim such as a payment receipt, canceled check or other information to the creditor in order to achieve success in most cases.

Retain all items as the grounds for your credit dispute and careful notes or records of any correspondence you have with the creditor until your credit report is cleared.

It is recommended that you check your personal credit report at least once per year. By doing so you can monitor your credit-worthiness, and make note of how your report changes over time.

Download Credit Dispute Letter Template – Word

Credit Dispute Letter