Congratulations Letter Template

Congratulations Letter Template

A congratulations letter is the ideal way to acknowledge when an employee or colleague has achieved something of mention. Our congratulations letter template gives you a general idea of how a professional version of this popular letter should be written. The sample template is available for download in Microsoft Word format or is available in plain text below the image.

Download Congratulations Letter Template

Congratulations Letter Template

Congratulations Letter Template

Letter of congratulations

A letter of congratulations should include two main points. These points being the acknowledgement of the person’s achievement and your position of agreeability to their good fortune. “Congratulations for your promotion to the new position, I know that you have worked very hard to earn it.” A statement such as this will cover both angles very neatly.

Below is an example of a letter expressing congratulations.

Dear Name,

Congratulations on the/your “…type in the event or happening…”. I know that you are very deserving of …”benefit of the change/event…”, and it pleases me to know that you have achieved this.

I regret not being able to congratulate you in person for this, but will hope to be in contact or see you sometime soon. Again congratulations, I’m sure that you’re both relieved and pleased, as you sure should be.

Wishing you the best,

Your Name