Child Travel Consent Form – International

Passports are now required for all children to travel outside of the United States. It is now advised and often required that you that your children traveling outside of the United States should possess a child travel consent form.

A child travel consent form is recommended when one parent is traveling with the child internationally while the other parent is still in the United States. It is highly advisable for divorced parents. This form can also be used to give consent to grandparents and other legal guardians. In many areas it is a strict requirement that the guardian of a traveling minor carry this documentation with them.

This form may not be required by every country, but it’s fairly easy to fill out and can be used to provide foreign authorities with in the event of an emergency. The Microsoft Word document below includes the form. The words in red brackets need to be replaced with your information. Included in this document, is a second page that shows a mockup version of this form filled out with fictional information.

Download Child International Travel Consent Form

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