Cash Flow Worksheet – Monthly

Cash Flow Worksheet - Monthly

The basic Monthly Cash Flow Worksheet can be downloaded below for free in Microsoft Excel. This spreadsheet was created to help individuals track their monthly inflows and outflows of cash.

The top of the worksheet includes boxes that provide totals of cash outlays for 12 months out of the year. You can save the report for every year and use a blank worksheet for a new year.

The top portion provides rows and columns to track incoming wages and additional inflows such as dividends, interest or retirement benefits. A list of common household expenses can be used to track outflows. We provide several additional rows that you can edit and replace to suit your own needs.

The total of each row is provided at the bottom. You will also see a running total of each individual inflow and outflow in the right hand column.

Download Cash Flow Worksheet – Microsoft Excel

Cash Flow Worksheet - Monthly excel

Cash Flow Worksheet – Monthly