Blank Fax Cover Sheet

This fax cover sheet PDF template is document available for download below. This is a simple blank fax cover sheet that is designed for you to fill in with pen or pencil before you fax a document.

The sheet includes a section for the company that is receiving the information. You don’t have to fill this out if its sent to an individual.

The other basic fields are To, From, Fax number and Phone number for your reference. The comments section is open and you can include instructions or CC information.

This free printable fax cover sheet PDF is usually used when you are sending multiple printed documents to a large office that might be difficult and time consuming to convert to a PDF. In many cases, you need to address an individual or specific department.

Download Printable Blank Fax Cover Sheet / Page – PDF

blank fax cover sheet pdf template

Printable Blank Fax Cover Sheet PDF

Below we have an alternate fax cover sheet template in Microsoft Excel format with space allowed for To, From, CC, Date, and additional comments. It also includes checkboxes for Urgent, Fax Review, Please Reply, and Please Comment.

Download Printable Fax Cover Sheet – Excel

Printable Fax Cover Sheet Excel

Printable Fax Cover Sheet